Home Visits

Home Visits

When dog owners need to be out of the house, our home visits provide the perfect opportunity for their young dog to get outside, walk and play.

All visits are personalized and dedicated to meeting you and your pet's needs, which includes small animals, reptiles, marine fish, birds and other exotic animals.

Reptiles, guinea pigs, hamsters, chickens and all critters cannot be forgotten and are very much a part of family life. If you need someone to look after your smaller pets while you are away, we can pop in to see them and make sure they are fed, provided with freshwater, fresh bedding and some love and play time. With this service we can carry out basic house duties such as bringing in the newspaper, switching lights on or off and opening and closing curtains to make your home look occupied. Get in touch and tell us your preference and we will accommodate your needs.

Puppy visits

Welcoming a puppy into your home takes a lot of time and commitment. In the early months, house training and helping them adapt to the new environment is essential to a well behaved family member. We can pop in to give your puppy, potty breaks which helps house train them to eliminate outside only. We will follow and instructions and guidelines you may have.

Home visits include but are not limited to:

* Potty breaks for puppies or dogs
* Play time
* Litter box cleaning
* Feeding and watering animals including small animals, birds, reptiles and fish
* Watering plants
* Medicating pets
* Checking on the house

$15 for 15-30 min



Home Visits

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide your pet with professional care to fit your needs and to encompass your pet with the attention it also receives from your family and loved ones.

We will work with you throughout to ensure that your family member is reflective of your personal lifestyle, fulfilling all your needs.


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