Dog Training

Dog Training

Many dogs end up being rehomed due to being unmanageable or because they just won’t listen. Our mission is to keep dogs in their homes and strengthen the bond between the humans and their best friends. Setting them up for success from the very beginning and working through behaviour issues, we can help you open the lines of communication and develop a wonderful relationship with your best friend.

There is not one way of training that works for all dogs. Every dog is different. We take the the three principles of dog training, timing, motivation and consistency, add repetition, we create a training plan that works best for each dog/owner team.

Classes and sessions are 45-60 minutes.

Puppy Classes

Start early with your pup before problems start. Begin with the basics of much-needed obedience commands that will be used throughout the life of your dog. This will also help your young puppy learn confidence as he works to receive rewards. Puppy Classes may include - socialization with other puppies, target, sit, come, stay, and distraction training (listening / responding while stimulated by distractions).

Basic Classes

Basic Classes may include - target, sit, come, stay, and distraction training (listening / responding while stimulated by distractions).

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Classes may include - loose leash walking, basic cues sharpened by combining distractions and stimulation.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions may include - everything from basics skills to husbandry training (nail clipping, holding still for vet exam etc) redirection, responding while under high stimulus, acceptable house manners etc.
l have experience with aggressive dogs. Step one is having their basic cues under bullet proof stimulus control. The next step is to expose the dog to their specific reactive triggers within the threshold in which they react. Then progressing closer as needed until the dog is controllable. It is a lot of work, but totally worth piece of mind for your family.



Dog Training


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide your pet with professional care to fit your needs and to encompass your pet with the attention it also receives from your family and loved ones.

We will work with you throughout to ensure that your family member is reflective of your personal lifestyle, fulfilling all your needs.


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