Board and Train

Board and Train

Let us give your puppy or dog a jumpstart to training while they are staying with us in our home.

Family, friends, career? That means a schedule full of errands, helping with homework, social obligations, long hours at work, and your commute! You want your dog to enhance your life not make it harder. Our board and train program aims to make life with your dog comfortable and fun. Enjoy a great companion at home.

They will learn proper house manners, basic cues and commands. You choose what your priorities are, whether it be staying off the couches, staying put when doors are opened in front of them, “come, sit, stay, go to your bed, etc " It’s your dog, you get to choose.

Board and Train

Your dog comes to my home for the day and learns household manners and basic cues/commands which includes socialization with other dogs.

Household manners may include but is not limited to, eliminating outside, staying off counters, people and furniture. Staying out of garbages and unwanted areas. Waiting for permission before bolting out doors or up and down stairs. As well as any other requested behaviours between client and trainer.



Dog Boarding & Training

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide your pet with professional care to fit your needs and to encompass your pet with the attention it also receives from your family and loved ones.

We will work with you throughout to ensure that your family member is reflective of your personal lifestyle, fulfilling all your needs.


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