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About Us

About Jackie

Jackie is a dedicated professional who’s experiences with both domestic and exotic animals across the globe is extensive.

Her experience started as a teenager working and volunteering at vet clinics, pet stores and animal shelters and has expanded to veterinary technician experience with over 23 years as a professional zoo keeper . Jackie’s animal care experience for the last few decades includes, behavioural enrichment, psychological husbandry, medical care and positive reinforcement training for hundreds of species from salamanders to rhinos, specializing in canines and primates.

Jackie has traveled around North America and Asia volunteering with zoos and sanctuaries giving presentations and demonstrations on animal training.


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Jackie & Dogs


At a Glance

At Bone Ranger we know your pet is part of your loving family.

We offer a variety of services that care for your family member.




Thoughts From Our Clients

"Two weeks ago l met the best dog trainer. I have had 3 training sessions with Jackie and l’m extremely happy with the results. I have feral dogs straight off the streets from the Caribbean that have EXTREME fear aggression towards my guests and my other dogs. After only one session with Jackie my feral dogs responded better than 3 months of another type of training with 2 trainers. After 3 sessions they are calmer, trusting and listening. Jackie’s approach is so different and so effective. I couldn’t be happier, it has already changed the whole dynamic of the home. Highly recommend to anyone in need of a doggy trainer!!"

Diane, Uxbridge

"Just wanted to give a shout out to Jackie . Highly recommend her! She was super informative and helpful with answering all my questions and giving extra help and information with regards to my snake! She is not only great with dogs but reptiles too:"

Elisabeth, Uxbridge



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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide your pet with professional care to fit your needs and to encompass your pet with the attention it also receives from your family and loved ones.

We will work with you throughout to ensure that your family member is reflective of your personal lifestyle, fulfilling all your needs.


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