"Two weeks ago l met the best dog trainer. I have had 3 training sessions with Jackie and l’m extremely happy with the results. I have feral dogs straight off the streets from the Caribbean that have EXTREME fear aggression towards my guests and my other dogs. After only one session with Jackie my feral dogs responded better than 3 months of another type of training with 2 trainers. After 3 sessions they are calmer, trusting and listening. Jackie’s approach is so different and so effective. I couldn’t be happier, it has already changed the whole dynamic of the home. Highly recommend to anyone in need of a doggy trainer!!"
Diane, Uxbridge

"Just wanted to give a shout out to Jackie . Highly recommend her! She was super informative and helpful with answering all my questions and giving extra help and information with regards to my snake! She is not only great with dogs but reptiles too:)"
Elisabeth, Uxbridge

"Yesterday in the middle of our big move, my 8 year old Golden Retriever melted down…. The stress of watching “strangers” remove all her stuff from the house was too much for her to deal with. Over the phone at the last minute, Jackie was able to “talk me off the ledge” and gave me some solid advice with several options to try and advice on how to get through the process of moving with our fur baby to a new home. Armed with her advice the day went much smoother than it started!! I highly recommend Jackie for any needs with your pets (snakes to puppies) She’s the best!"
Cheryl, Innisfil

"Jackie has been working a miracle at our home for the past few months. Her knowledge, understanding, patience and love for animals is incredible. I am so moved as to how much positive change has happened with our family."
Melissa, Uxbridge

"Jackie is great at understanding what’s going on inside the animal’s head. Whether its a dog or less conventional pet, she’s the one for you"
Rhonda, Pickering

"Bone Ranger is one of the most dog-smart people out there. If Jackie is looking out for you and your pet, you couldn’t be in better hands."
Lin, Port Hope

"Amazing trainer! I have an aggressive 8 year old, large breed dog, and Jackie has done such an incredible job working with him and myself. We’ve both learned so much. Hands down amazing" work!"
Melissa, Uxbridge

"Jackie is a very caring person, she puts animals ahead of everything else."
Teresa, Lindsay