Jackie is a dedicated professional who’s experiences with both domestic and exotic animals across the globe is extensive.

Her experience started as a teenager working and volunteering at vet clinics, pet stores and animal shelters and has expanded to veterinary technician experience with over 23 years as a professional zoo keeper . Jackie’s animal care experience for the last few decades includes, behavioural enrichment, psychological husbandry, medical care and positive reinforcement training for hundreds of species from salamanders to rhinos, specializing in canines and primates.

Jackie has traveled around North America and Asia volunteering with zoos and sanctuaries giving presentations and demonstrations on animal training.

Training and caring for dogs since 1989, she is a charter member of Animal Behaviour Management Alliance since it’s inception in 1999. Facilitating the application of positive reinforcement, Jackie uses operant conditioning in the most positive way to help your animal get excited about their training sessions.